Following the appearance of the COVID-19 virus, the AVAMA PRONY hotel had to implement a number of hygiene measures that you will find below. 

1/ Hydro-alcoholic gel 

You will find hydro-alcoholic gel in the following places: 

- Entrance to the facility

- Home / Reception

- Common areas on all floors

- Elevator 


Hand cleaning with the hydro-alcoholic solution is mandatory upon entering the establishment and before pressing the elevator buttons. 

The management as well as the cleaning staff guarantee, as a minimum, an hourly cleaning of the elevator, the staircase ramp and the front door. 


2/ Masks & Gloves

Masks and gloves will be made available to guests at the reception desk.


3/ COVID-19 measurements

Signs explaining hygiene measures will be posted in all rooms and common areas in French and English. 

4/ Housekeeping

The staff is trained in the new hygiene measures. Please note that the staff must be alone in the room at the time of cleaning and that the client will not be able to access his room during the cleaning. 

Bedding will now be done upon the express request of the client. 

After each departure, the rooms are ventilated for a minimum of 3 hours and cleaned with the utmost vigilance. 

The staff will wear disposable gloves and a mask when entering the room. 

Switches, handles, remote control, taps, soap holders etc... will be cleaned with specific products. 

5/ Magnetic cards 

All room access cards are disinfected before transmission to guests. 

6/ Linen

Our service provider has set up a new protocol for the treatment of linen. 

The trucks are regularly disinfected and the interior ensures a perfect separation between clean and dirty linen limiting any risk of contamination. 

The clean linen is transported using closed covers or dedicated cloth bags. 

The drivers are all equipped with masks and gloves as well as hydro-alcoholic solutions. 

The collected linen is stored before treatment. Given the high production volumes and the limited size of this area, the linen is never stored dirty for more than 48 hours.

Once collected and sorted by customer category, the linen is washed at a minimum temperature of 60° C and the washing cycles set-ups allow a splash time of no less than 30 minutes. At the end of the cycle, the linen is stored in dedicated bins before being taken care of by the finishing team. 

Laundry bags and trolley covers are systematically washed separately in order to limit any risk of contamination.  The bins used to store clean linen and the transport trolleys are regularly disinfected. 


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